The craziest story telling game ever.

  • Object of the Game

    The object of game is to earn cards from each category by telling your story. First player to earn a C, R, A, Z, and Y category card wins the game.

  • The Set-Up

    Place cards in 6 stacks containing the C, R, A, Z, Y and Swap cards. Next, each player takes one card from each stack. All players hold cards upright, not showing others their cards.

  • Playing The Game

    The first player has two options for play: PLAY A CARD by selecting a card in your hand, tell your craziest story that fits that category or USE A SWAP CARD and trade away a category card with another player.

  • Have A Crazier Story? Share it.

    If you think you have a better story, briefly tell yours. After listening to each person's story, everyone quickly votes on who wins the card. Now on to the next player.

Guaranteed to learn something new.

We all have family and friends that we think we know a lot about but there is a good chance you don't know everything. One Crazy Life gives you the opportunity to really dive into some wild stories from the past that could otherwise get lost to time.

Laugh like you've never laughed before.

One Crazy Life is sure to spark a memory that is absurd and worth a laugh. We all have different life experiences, some more crazy than others, but we tend to forget and not share them. This card game gives us the chance to really show how crazy your life has been and bring everyone together.

  • "So much fun."

    I hadn't laughed so hard in years. It really was a great time and easy to play. I thought I had seen some outrageous things in my life but not as crazy as my friends.

    - JOSH C.

  • "A great game to play with your parents."

    This game was great to get to know some of my parents' darkest and wildest stories that I have never heard before.

    - VIVIAN R.

  • "Still friends years later and still learning."

    I got together with old classmates and played 1 Crazy Life. So dang fun! We shared and learned way too much.

    - AMY L.

  • "Perfect for traveling."

    We recently had a family trip where we were stuck in a car for 7 hours. The trip flew by playing 1 Crazy Life.

    – RICK W.

Play it anywhere – anytime.

This game is meant to be played however you like and when you like. Rules are meant to be broken so do as you wish and have fun.