1 Crazy Life Rules


Object of game is to earn cards from each category by telling your story. First player to earn a C-R-A-Z-Y card wins the game. Categories are:


  1. Place cards in 6 stacks containing the C, R, A, Z, Y and Swap cards.


  1. Each player takes one card from each stack; players start with 6 cards total.


  1. All players hold cards upright, not showing others their cards.



  1. Youngest player starts first, proceed in clockwise direction.


  1. The first player has two options for play:

Play a card- select card in your hand, tell your craziest story that fits that category.




Use a swap a card and then play or pass - player asks another player to swap similar cards (example: C card for a C card). Player who initiated swap can choose to play the card received in the swap or pass. If a pass is chosen, play moves to the next player. Swap cards once used are returned to original stack.


  1. After sharing their story, any other player may challenge the card holders’

story by telling a brief one of their own if they believe their story is even crazier.

After all stories and challenges have been shared, all players vote who has the craziest story. The vote is initiated by a 3, 2, 1… count then followed by everyone simultaneously pointing to the player who had the craziest story. All players vote even if they shared a crazy story. The player with the most votes wins that card. If it is a tie, flip a coin and whoever wins the coin toss earns the card.


  1. After playing a card (the original person that played the card), that player draws a card from the CRAZY or SWAP stack.


  1. Once a card has been earned, lay card down in front of you for all to see the cards you have won. This card can no longer be played.


  1. The first player to collect one of each of the CRAZY cards, spelling out the

word CRAZY, is the winner.


Optional Play

A player can try and win three cards of the same category and exchange them for another letter (example: you have acquired three “A” cards and need a “Z” card, you can take your three “A” cards and return them to the bottom of the “A” card stack then take a “Z” card from the “Z” stack. That card is considered a won card and can be laid down).


Congratulation’s you have had 1 CRAZY life.


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